About Dornier Aries

DORNIER ARIES offers an entirely new, non-invasive approach to treating your patients.  This first of a kind shock wave treatment activates angiogenesis to help correct erectile dysfunction in the penile and pelvic tissue – resulting in increased blood flow necessary to attain and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual performance.
Given its Smart Focus™ energy transmitting technology, Dornier Aries offers an effective convenient and well accepted treatment option for your patients suffering from vasculogenic ED.  It also provides significant improvement for men with poor response to PDE5-I.2,3 The unique focused shock wave technology is proprietary to Dornier and is what makes Dornier Aries effective and exciting for both patients and physicians.

Innovation for Patients

Treating the cause of ED, Dornier Aries is:

  • Easy – It’s a non-invasive, painless treatment option for vasculogenic ED.  A novel therapy for men seeking drug-free management or who have not responded well to PDE5-I.2,3
  • Effective – Aries has helped nearly 70% of men suffering from vasculogenic ED achieve significant and lasting improvement of erectile function depending on the severity and case history.2,3,4
  • Exciting – Aries helps restore spontaneity to a patient’s sexual life and improve the quality of their erection.

Innovation for Medical Practices

Dornier Aries brings your patients weekly into your office for treatment and is:

  • Easy – The treatment sessions are quickly conducted in your office.  The equipment is affordable and easy to maintain with minimal costs for consumable supplies or maintenance.
  • Effective – Aries offers an effective and convenient treatment option for your patients.
  • Exciting – Aries highlights your professional interest in providing your patients with the most innovative treatment options while generating a new revenue stream.

This product has the CE Mark, but is not cleared or approved for sale in the United States.

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