Case Study 1:

Clinic for Sexual Dysfunction Experiences the Dornier Aries Wave


In order to test the new ARIES ED device, the clinic for sexual dysfunction, the Clinic for Sexual Dysfunction, Gentofte, in Denmark conducted a study in men above 40 years of age showing symptoms of urological problems, including erectile dysfunction, which ranged from mild to moderate cases. The Clinic was looking for an effective, safe and non-invasive method to treat these patients to improve their quality of life.


Patients underwent 6 – 12 sessions with the Dornier Aries device – each lasting 15 to 20 minutes. The applicator, emitting Dornier Aries’ unique Smart Focus™ waves, was applied to the penile tissue and pelvic tissue each time. Patients did not receive any additional treatments during this time nor were they taking other supplements or medications.


Frequency and quality of spontaneous erections were increased by 75%. ED Patients were also pleased with the treatment option – grading it as comfortable and pain-free. Given its effectiveness, Dr. Lyngdorf continues to offer Dornier Aries to his ED patients today.


Did you know, 70% of patients want their physicians to address the issue of erectile dysfunction first.

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