ARIES Frequently Asked Questions


While the patient is lying down, a protective gel is applied and then the Dornier Aries applicator is run across the penile region for 15 to 20 minutes. The Smart Focus technology skillfully creates a combination of waves that treats a broad area of the region –everything from the superficial surface (such as the penile shaft) to the deeper muscular areas in the pelvis. It is recommended that this same treatment be repeated 5 – 6 times or more (once or twice a week) in order to get the best results.

treatmentillustration treatmentresultillustration

For Patients:

  • Is the treatment painful? No. However, you will feel the waves. The physician will be mindful of your comfort throughout the treatment.
  • Will there be any scaring? No. The waves work internally and do not cause external scars.
  • How soon would I see results? How soon will I be able to have sex after treatment? Patients report improvement a few weeks after they begin treatment. No abstinence is requires unless advised by your doctor.
  • Am I a candidate? Dornier Aries is suitable for vasculogenic ED patients across different severities. Talk to your doctor to find out more.

For Physicians:

  • How long does the patient need to receive treatment to experience effectiveness? We recommend that patients have at least 5 to 6 sessions (that last 15 to 20 minutes) for best results. Our studies show that, on average, patients who underwent this amount of treatment experienced improved and/or complete spontaneous erections.
  • How does Dornier Aries compare to other treatment options? Studies have shown that Dornier Aries provides a more long-term solution than any of the non-invasive treatment options available in the market today.
  • How can I bring Dornier Aries into my medical practice? Depending on your country, there are different programs available. For specific information relevant to you, please contact us to speak to a representative.
  • Will my staff be trained to use the Dornier Aries device? Yes. The unit is installed by a clinical trainer. You as well as your staff is then trained on the technical aspects of the device as well as the clinical application and treatment protocols.

This product has the CE Mark, but is not cleared or approved for sale in the United States.